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Year of Establishment: English (General)-1999, English (Honours)-2006

About The department

English (General)
Maynaguri College, established in the year 1999, was the long-awaited result of a very long local demand for a Higher Institution for the local students who had to travel far to study Undergraduate degree courses. The College, which is uniquely situated in the mosaic of different cultures, languages and religious beliefs, started with English General Programme from the very beginning with other such very sought after Courses by the local students. As the study of English language & literature remains an absolute necessity in a country like India, which for years had remained as one of the largest colonies of the empire till the middle of the last century, especially in the present global perspective, the demand for English Courses was very much visible among the students. An awareness of the subject does not only equip the students to cope with all the necessities of the incumbent job market in India, but also provides scope to express and uphold the essential nuances of the Indian culture, thoughts and those of one’s own localities to the local/ global/ ‘glocal’ audience in an internationally acclaimed language.

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English (Honours)
As quality higher education, viable & effective in the present scenario of Indian Economy, has always been the primary goal to achieve for the Department of English in Maynaguri College, the English Honours Programme was introduced finally in the year 2006.
Apart from the larger objective, mentioned above, the socio- cultural context of the locality in which the college is situated is also taken care of by the Department. Therefore, an all-round effectual development of the communicative skill along with a fair improvement in the analytical and intellectual capacity to read through the mores of the changing society around us is also aimed at in the students of the Department.


Learning English literature opens up a world of inspiration and creativity, while also developing skills that are essential for today’s global environment. English Literature studies give an opportunity to discover how literature makes sense of the world through stories, poems, novels and plays. Learning English Literature also gives a student a chance to sharpen their own ability to write, read, analyze and persuade. It teaches them to think critically about complex topics from different perspectives. Throughout their degree in English Literature, the students receive a thorough introduction to essential literary genres (novels, poems, criticism) and the work of great canonical authors (Shakespeare, Milton, Austen, Dickens) as well as contemporary ones, thereby broadening their horizons.
Studying for an English literature Degree also allows a student to develop a thorough knowledge of literary history, theory, and criticism, and enhance their understanding of a wide range of cultures and intellectual traditions. However, it also helps them to develop transferable skills, including proficiency in the English Language, that are highly sought by a wide range of employers.
Now, as for the problem that occurs to many students – what to do after completing the Undergraduate Programme in English: Many corporate sectors prefer English students for several posts like HR, director, editor, content writer, relationship manager, marketing professional, etc. There are Govt. and non-Govt. schools, colleges and Universities where English students are recruited for the role of English faculty. One can pursue further studies like a Master’s degree in English Literature, Ph.D., Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, undertake various short-term courses like content writing, digital marketing, etc. There are also exciting career options for them as Translators/Interpreters/Scriptwriters etc.

Why Study English?


Future Plans

Infrastructure available in the Department

Programs Offered

CBCS: Under –Graduate Degree Programs

1. B.A. Honours Program
2. B.A. Program

FYUGP: B.A. Four-year undergraduate program (FYUGP) with single major in English in the following manner:

  1. A Certificate after completing 1 year (2 Semesters) of study in the chosen field.
  2. A Diploma after 2 years (4 Semesters) of study in the chosen field.
  3. A Bachelor’s Degree after 3 years (6 Semesters) Program of study in the chosen field.
  4. A Bachelor’s Degree (with Honours/Honours with Research) after 4 years (8 Semesters)

Intake Capacity

For CBCS: ENGLISH Honours Program (ENGCC): 87
For FYUGP: English Major: 677

English1st sem2018
English1st sem2019
English2nd sem2019
English3rd sem2019
English2nd sem2020
English4th sem2020
English (Elective & Hons)part I2019
English (Compulsory)part II2019
English (Alternate)part III2019
English (Elective & Hons)part I2020
English (Compulsory)part II2020
English (Alternate)part III2020
English1st sem2021
English2nd sem2021
English3rd sem2021
English5th sem2021
English6th sem2021
English1st sem2022
English2nd sem2022
English3rd sem2022
English4th sem2022
English5th sem2022
English6th sem2022
English (gen)2nd sem2023
English (Hnrs)2nd sem2023
English (Hnrs)4th sem2023
English (gen)4th sem2023
English (Hnrs)6th sem2023
English (gen)6th sem2023

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Departmental Library Books : 105 Books

Student Progression :

Seminars conducted by the Department

  • Organized a UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Literature & Film” at Maynaguri College, 28th – 29th August,
  • National Webinar on ‘Rethinking the notions of Nation and Space: Alternative musings of modernity from the Global South’ (29th August 2020), Organized By: Department of English, Maynaguri College and Department of English, Dhupguri Girls’ College, in Collaboration with IQAC, Maynaguri College

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