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The Department of Geography, Maynaguri College was established in 1999, under BA (General) Course. In order to broaden the horizon of understandings about the Geographical studies, the College started B.A. (Honours) course in Geography in 2006 under the affiliation of University of North Bengal. The Department of Geography has always committed for excellence. Along with the theoretical framework, the department has established wellequipped Geography laboratory and GIS Lab to learn and enhance their skills through practical applications in the fields of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS.

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GIS Lab is equipped with many equipment including Stereoscope, GPS, Rotameter, Planimeter, Geographical Model, Satellite Imageries, Aerial Photograph, Digital and Printed SOI Toposheets etc. Apart from these, there are various surveying instruments like Dumpy Level, Theodolite, Prismatic compass, Plane Table, Brunton Compass, Clinometer, Altimeter etc. Meteorological Instruments like Barometer, Hygrometer, Sixes Maximum-Minimum thermometers also exist in the department. A Refractive Telescope and a Newtonian Telescope help the students to observe the celestial objects.

The scope of the course covers the field such as Geotectonics and Geomorphology, Human Geography, Climatology, Statistical Methods in Geography, Geography of India, Economic Geography, Environmental Geography, Pedology and Biogeography, Sustainable Development, Settlement Geography, Field Work and Research Methodology, Regional Planning and Development, Remote Sensing and GIS, Evolution of Geographical Thought and Disaster Management based Project Work etc. The course includes a survey of socio-economic conditions so that students can go beyond of their own environment to learn about the social, economic and cultural conditions of the people.

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Political Science2377105328148133127491
Geography1st swm2018
Geography3rd sem2019
Geography (Gen & Hons)part I2019
Geography2nd sem2020
Geography4th sem2020
Geography (Gen & Hons)part i2020
Geography1 st sem2021
Geography2nd sem2021
Geography5th sem2021
Geography6th sem2021
Geography1st sem2022
Geography2nd sem2022
Geography3rd sem2022
Geography4th sem2022
Geography5th sem2022
Geography6th sem2022
Geography (Gen)2nd sem2023
Geography (Hnrs)2nd sem2023
Geography (Hnrs)4th sem2023
Geography (Gen)4th sem2023
Geography (Hnrs)6th sem2023
Geography (Gen)6th sem2023

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