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Year of Establishment: 2009-10

About The department

The Department of Sanskrit was established in the College in 2009-10 Session. General courses were taught from 2009-10. Honours course was introduced in 2015-16 session with 30 seats. Honours and General courses are now available for students. The department has 3 faculty members (2 SACT&1 Guest Teacher), approximately 90 Honours and 600(I-VI Semester) UG Students. The learned teachers of our department have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of Sanskrit students in various subjects of the curriculum and to revamp Sanskrit education.

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Why Study Sanskrit

Learning Sanskrit can helps student to gain a deeper understanding of indian Culture and tradition, Philosophy and Spirituality. Sanskrit is a store house of all kinds of knowledge, which are very useful for healthy and the holistic development of individuals. It helps to the students to unlock the treasure-house of scientific insight and research outcomes concerning positive sciences in our ancient literature.

Future Plans:

Sanskrit Honours General both Students can take admission in Govt. approved Master Degree Colleges and UGC approved Universities. This subject is taught in different Colleges Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Coochbehar and Colleges under University of North Bengal and other Universities. Students can do Master degree and Ph.D. in Sanskrit most of all Universities in west Bengal And outside of west Bengal. After graduation in Sanskrit, anyone who is willing to teach in school can do Bachelor of Education or they can sit for State for Central Gove. Approved civil service and competitive examinations.


Programs Offered & Intake Capacity

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• Classroom.
• Departmental Library
• Digital Classroom(Seminar hall of the College)
• Departmental Faculties:
I) Babu Banik(State Aided College Teacher-I)
II) Raju Das(State Aided College Teacher-I)
III) Pardhan Bardhan(Guest Teacher)

Sanskrit1st sem2018
Sanskrit1st sem2019
Sanskrit2nd sem2019
Sanskrit3rd sem2019
Sanskrit (Hons & Gen)part 12019
Sanskrit2st sem2020
Sanskrit4th sem2020
Sanskrit (Gen)part 12020
Sanskrit (Hons)part 22020
Sanskrit1st sem2021
Sanskrit2nd sem2021
Sanskrit5th sem2021
Sanskrit6th sem2021
Sanskrit1st sem2022
Sanskrit2nd sem2022
Sanskrit3rd sem2022
Sanskrit4th sem2022
Sanskrit5th sem2022
Sanskrit6th sem2022
Sanskrit (Hnrs)2nd sem2023
Sanskrit (Hnrs)4th sem2023
Sanskrit (Gen)4th sem2023
Sanskrit (Hnrs)6th sem2023
Sanskrit (Gen)6th sem2023

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Departmental Library Books : Total Number of books are available in our department: 74

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