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Year of Establishment: 2018

About The department

The Department of Sociology at Maynaguri College was established in 2018 an embarked on a journey to impart knowledge in different sphere of social studies to its students. The Department offers Programme courses in Sociology for undergraduate students. From 2023-24 session we are starting with Major Course along with some MDC courses also. Its inception aimed to create a platform for students to enhance their language skills, foster a profound understanding of Social problems and cultivate critical thinking abilities. Since its initiation, the department has remained dedicated to promoting effective communication, language proficiency, and literary appreciation among its students

Department Notice

Since its initiation, the department of Sociology has been committed to promoting effective Communication, interpretation skills and better understanging of the society among its student. Sociology plays a vital role in every students’ education, fostering not only their well-being but also instilling the values of responsible citizenship

Why study

Many individuals question the desirability of studying sociology, as it doesn’t inherently guide one towards a specific career path like engineering, law, or medicine might. In fact, numerous college disciplines lack vocational orientation, yet this shouldn’t deter students from pursuing majors in those fields.

Studying sociology equips you for diverse career paths. Graduates possess strong critical thinking skills, adeptness in analysis and argumentation, and proficiency in clear communication, both written and oral. Through courses in statistics and research methods, students gain expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis. Sociology fosters comprehension of social structures, inequalities, and a commitment to social justice, invaluable in any profession.

Many students choose to major in sociology as their major due to the engaging nature of our courses and their relevance to everyday experiences. Our curriculum delves into pertinent social issues, providing insight into challenges many students confront directly. Even for those without direct encounters with the topics discussed, delving into sociology nurtures a profound understanding of the world and cultivates self-awareness, ultimately enriching their lives.


Programs Offered & Intake Capacity

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