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Department of Physics

Year of Establishment: 2013

About The department

Maynaguri College has introduced B.Sc. General course in the session of 2013-2014 and the CBCS Program course in the session of 2020-2021. The department has started a new journey by introducing Physics as a Major subject under NEP from the session of 2023-2024 and extends the proper ambience to the students to develop and enhance their career. The department is having it’s laboratories according to the requirements pertaining to the CBCS and NEP syllabus – Mechanics, Optics, Electricity, Electronics, Thermal Physics, Solid State Physics and Modern Physics Laboratories. The Central library of the college facilitates our students with an ample amount of text books, reference books and books for competitive exams in the core discipline.

Department Notice

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Why study Physics?

Physics is the branch of Science that deals with the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact. It studies objects ranging from the very small using quantum mechanics to the entire universe using general relativity. Physics can explain processes and phenomena with the aid of thorough explanations, laws that can not be disobeyed, and exhaustive calculations and proofs. It will tell you why things happen and you can use it to prove that your explanation is correct. Physics is the science of truth.


Achievements & Future Plans

Infrastructure available in the Department

The Department of Political Science is a well-equipped Department with sufficient infrastructural facilities. It has got separate accommodation with ICT facilities. There is a Desktop in the Department with internet facilities, with a printing system. There three dedicated classrooms for the Department. The Department can used smart classroom with the help of a mobile smart classroom system. It has sports equipment for the students. Besides it has a dedicated drinking water system. The Departmental Library is an asset for the students. They can use it on daily basis. It has a dedicated washroom for the teachers.

Departmental Laboratory- The department is having it’s laboratories according to the requirements pertaining to the CBCS and NEP syllabus including dark room (for optics) and computer lab (for programming).

Departmental library- Physics department has it’s own departmental library where all the students in the department and faculty utilize the books for their study.

Programs Offered

4-year Undergraduate Program (FYUGP) with Major in Physics (NEP)
B.Sc. Program course with Physics (CBCS)
B.Sc. General course (I+I+I system)

Intake Capacity

Political Science2377105328148133127491

Departmental Library

Physics department has it’s own departmental library to provide the students a good academic environment and to facilitate them. Here, in the following section we have listed few of the departmental library books. Link of departmental library

Student Progression :

YearAppearingPass outPass percentage
2018 (I+I+I)0606100%
2019 (I+I+I)0606100%
2020 (I+I+I)0707100%
2021 (CBCS)0505100%
2022 (CBCS)0707100%

Department Faculties

Empty Faculty
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