Maynaguri College


National Service Scheme

Orientation to Society

The college has Seventh unit of National Service Scheme (NSS). At present there are 700 volunteers in all these seventh units. There are Unit Head(s), Program Officer(s) and the Nodal Officer in the chronological order that make the performance of all the units of Maynaguri College professionally perfect.

Blood Donation Camp

The college functions under the stipulated guidelines of the North Bengal University and proudly proclaims to be one of the perfect examples of high level of professionalism in running the college NSS Units.

College NSS Administration

Sl. No. Programme OfficersPositionUnit
1Sudip Bhattacharya----Unit 1
2Basab DasConvenorUnit 2
3Mahushree Roy----Unit 3
4Susmita Singh----Unit 4
5Sudeshna----Unit 5
6Suparna----Unit 6
7Dr. Jayanta Roy----Unit 7

NSS Activity Reports

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