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Game & Sports

Physical Education is a crucial component of the overall education system. It contributes to achieving the ultimate goal of education, which is holistic development. Games and Sports are essential in a student’s life. While it is important for a student to study diligently to succeed in competitive exams, engaging in sports and games is equally vital for maintaining good health and vitality. In addition to academic pursuits, students should allocate time for sports and games. Focusing solely on studying or working can lead to exhaustion, making us less efficient. Sports help alleviate mental fatigue. Education without sports is inadequate. Sports are a significant aspect of our lives, striving for excellence and bringing honor to the institution. With the support of the college faculty, we are continuously enhancing our performance in sports.
Embracing the idea of “SPORTS FOR ALL,” we organize Inter-department tournaments for students and various sports activities for both teaching and non-teaching staff throughout the academic year. This initiative provides a wide range of opportunities for all students and staff to have fun, learn new sports, improve social interactions, and test their physical abilities. These competitions also offer a break from daily routines, rejuvenating participants.
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