Maynaguri College


Eligibility Criteria

Following are the regulations observed by the University of North Bengal & Maynaguri College regarding admissions to Undergraduate studies:

For General Candidate

For SC/ST candidate

⦿ Following is the method of calculating Merit points in the Merit lists for Honours Subjects:- 

S = The marks received in the subject applied for Honours course in H.S or equivalent Examination.

T = The marks received in English+ Marks received in the subject applied for Honours course+ the best two subject scores ( Excluding the marks of EVS, English and marks of subject applied for Honours)

⦿ A candidate can apply in a subject even if he/she did not have it in his/her H.S or any equivalent examination. The method of calculating the Merit point in such cases is as follows: 

T1 = Marks of English and best marks of three subjects (excluding EVS)


This method will also apply in calculating Merit points in General courses.

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