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Department of Mathematics

Year of Establishment: 2015(Honours), 2013(Pass)

About The department

The Department of Mathematics of our Maynaguri College started this journey from the session 2015-16.With pride the Dept. is going on successfully with the students’ good achievements in various fields. Here we try to provide the students a good quality of knowledge for the subject. Day by day the Department is improving the academic standard and performance of the students. The major activities of the department are regular class work, internal assessments, semester-wise test and remedial classes for all students. The Department encourage the students to participate in annual sports, annual cultural programmes and other social activities. They also take part in NSS unit of the college. The faculty of the Department are actively engaged in the development of the academic activities of the Dept.

Department Notice

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Why should we study the subject?

The Subject Mathematics has a broader aspect in various fields like Technical, Data analysis, Statistical approach, Coding etc. This subject gives the students immense knowledge to redefine their own ideas. It impacts real world problems and also gives the tools to solve those problems.


Achievements and future plans:

Many of our students many prestigious national and international examinations, some got Govt. Jobs. Many students are pursuing PG from reputed central, State Universities, IIT and NIT’s.

Since day by day the outputs of the Dept. are much highlighted, we need to develop the Departmental Library and Computer Lab for our students. We are also planning for smart classrooms for the benefits of the students.

Infrastructure available in the Department

The infrastructure of our department is good. All the classrooms have sufficient space and are well maintained. There is one computer lab for the students.

Programs Offered

This Department offers
1) B.Sc. honours in Mathematics
2) B.Sc. Programme course with Mathematics.
3) 4-years undergraduate programme (FYUGP) with Major in Mathematics.

Intake Capacity

Political Science2377105328148133127491

Student Progression

Sl. No.NameYear of PassingAppointed to
1Tapas Roy2019 RRB
2Koushik Barman 2020Banaras Hindu University
3Prasanjit Roy 2020 North Bengal University
4Ananya Saha 2020North Bengal University
5Dipta Sengupta 2020North Bengal University
6Priyobananda Roy 2020North Bengal University
7Ritankar Sen 2021North Bengal University
8Partha Sarathi Barman2021West Bengal Police

Department Faculties

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