Maynaguri College

Mrs. Sabari Mukhopadhyay (nee Sanyal)

Department of Geography
Mob. 9474010737,
Date of birth: 12 October 1966
Nationality: Indian
Address: Amit Tower, Block – B, First floor Chiria More, P.O. Kadamtala Dist. Darjeeling, Pin 734011 West Bengal, India

  1. Schoolcertificate(10) 1982 Patha Bhavana,Visva Bharati Beng, Eng, Sans,Hist, Geog, Math, Art,Civics, Science,59% II div.
  2. Pre-degree (+2) 1984 Uttar Siksha-Sadana, Visva-Bharati-Beng, Eng, Geog,Phil, Japanese,Economics-73.5%-I div.
  3. B.A. (Hons.) 1987 Visva Bharati Geography (Hons.),Eng, Beng,Economics 64.6% -I class
  4. M.A. 1989 Visva Bharati Geography (Spl.Paper – Meteorology)-72% -I class
  5. Ph. D. 1998 Visva Bharati Geography (Regional-Planning)-N.A.
  1. Title of the Ph.D. thesis: Rural development in Birbhum district with special reference to selected sample areas of the district.
  2. Present affiliation: Assistant Professor of Geography, Maynaguri College,Dist. Jalpaiguri (from 16 July 2008).
Experience and other distinctions:

(i) Was awarded university scholarship in 1985 for starting 5th in order of merit in arts in pre-degree examination
(ii) Was awarded national scholarship from the ministry of human resources and development, Govt of India, during the years 1988 – ’89 for standing 2nd in order of merit in the B. A. Examination.
(iii) Stood 1st in order of merit in M. A. Examination in 1989.
(iv) Attended NSS programme camps during 1984 – ’87
(v) Got introductory computer training from Visva Bharati during 1992 –’93.
(vi) Worked in a research project entitled, “Agricultural efficiency relations and optional land use pattern in Birbhum district of West Bengal”, sponsored by ICAR, Govt of India, as a field investigator for a period of one and a half year during 1990 – ’92.
(vii) Worked as a part time teacher in the Dept. of Geography of the Women’s Govt College, Agartala from 21 August 1997 to 1st week of May 1998.
(viii) Worked in a project entitled, “Carrying capacity study of Teesta basin in Sikkim”, in the department of Geography and Applied Geography of the University of North Bengal as a Research Assistant from February 2002 to August 2003.
(ix) Worked as an ad hoc full time teacher in the department of Geography in Kalipada Ghosh Tarai Mahavidyalaya from Sept 2003 to July 2008.
(x) Joined as Assistant Professor in Geography (substantive post) in 16th July, 2008.

Research Papers published:

(i) Relationship between population distribution and land use pattern: an overview – Visva Biksha, vol. II, Visva Bharati 1991.
(ii) Cause and effect relationship between productive factors and agricultural development: a village level analysis – Visva Biksha, vol.III, Visva Bharati, 1992.
(iii) One aspect of industrial backwardness of Birbhum district – Visva Biksha, vol. VII, Visva Bharati 2000.
(iv) A case study of four village panchayats in West Tripura, with respect to their population and agricultural activities – The Geographical Memoir, vol. 11, North Bengal University 2002.
(v) Inter-relationship between various factors related to rural industrial development and the levels of rural development in Birbhum district – Instt. of landscape, ecology and ekistics studies, vol. 27, no. 2, Calcutta, 2004.
(vi) Floods in the sub-Himalayan North Bengal: their frequency, magnitude and management strategies – Monograph on Geo-hazards in sub- Himalayan North Bengal, SAP DRS I, Dept. of Geography and Applied Geography, North Bengal University, 2010.
(vii) Effect of globalization on disaster management in mitigation: an overview – Monograph on Disaster – perception and management, SAPDRS I, Dept. of Geography and Applied Geography, North Bengal University, 2011.
(viii) Levels of rural development in Birbhum district – Journal of Geo-environ-mental observer, vol. 1, no. 1, Siliguri Geo-environmental society, 2012.
(ix) Identifying the problems and prospects of agricultural development in Birbhum district – Geo-analyst, vol. 3, no. 1, Geographical society of North Bengal 2013.
(x) Present status of working women Raniganj coalmining area – Monograph on Women empowerment in the new millennium where India stands, ed. By Susmita Pandit, Maynaguri college, Women Study Cell, 2013.
(xi) Problems and future prospects of infrastructures, facilities and amenities in Birbhum district – Practising Geographer (Jr. of the Foundation of Practising Geographers), Vol. 18, No. 2, 2014.
(xii) Flood affected areas in Birbhum district and use of modern techniques to control flood – Living with Hazards, Monograph, SAP DRS I, Dept. of Geography & Appl. Geography, North Bengal University, 2014.
(xiii) Distribution of fluoride content in water in Birbhum district – Modern Trends in Social and Basic Sciences, Alipurduar College, 2015.
(xiv) Avian flu and its vulnerability: a case study of Birbhum district – Major environmental issues: Vulnerability & impacts, Maynaguri College, 2015.
(xv) Changing traditional food habit of indigenous Rajbansi community in the era of Global foods – Progress of trade society and culture in eastern India: a historical perspective, Pearl publications, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2016.
(xvi) Environmental degradation in Darjeeling hill areas and its impact on natural resources –Human interventions: present and future state of environment, Department of Geography, Birpara College, 2016.

Peer reviewed journals:

(xvii) The inter-relationship between factors related to rural industrial development and levels of rural industrial development in Birbhum district, page nos. 121-131 Victorian Journal of Arts, Volume XII, Issue 1 (January 2019) ISSN/ISBN No.0975-5632 Peer reviewed,UGC approved list (old).Journal no. 41277
(xviii) History of urbanization and present status of Siliguri town as a nodal centre of North Bengal in India. Page nos. 1545 – 1556 Our Heritage Volume 67. Issue. 5 (September 2019) ISSN/ISBN No.0474-9030 Peer reviewed. UGC CARE listed journal.Impact factor – 6.6
(xix) A comparative study of jute production in Maynaguri block,Jalpaiguri, WB. Page nos. 293-301 International Journal of Research, July 2020 ISSN/ISBN No.2348-6848 Peer reviewed Refereed
(xx) Scientific analysis of Indian monsoon: prediction through decades. Page nos. 149-160 International Journal of Research, October 2020 ISSN/ISBN No.2348-6848 Peer reviewed Refereed
(xxi) An integrated approach of agricultural, industrial and infrastructural development – a case study of Birbhum district of West Bengal. Page nos. 206-211 Shodh Sanchar Bulletin,Vol. 10, Issue 40, October 2020 ISSN/ISBN No.2229-3620 Peer reviewed, UGC CARE listed
(xxii) Characteristics of primary and wholesale markets. Page nos. 163-167 Shodh Sarita, Vol. 7, Issue 28, October 2020 ISSN/ISBN No.2348-2397 Peer reviewed, UGC CARE listed
(xxiii) Assessment of the economic impact of Arsenicosis in Maldah district. Page nos. 85-90 SodhSanchaar, Vol. 11,Issue 41, January-March 2021 ISSN/ISBN No.2229-3620 Peer reviewed, UGC CARE List

Edited book chapters:

(xxiv) Child trafficking and preventive measures in India and West Bengal. Pagenos. 189 -193. Year: January 2020.Wizcraft Publications and Distribution,Sholapur, Maharashtra ISBN No. 978-93-89488-20-3
(xxv) Mapping of solar energy uses in the Maynaguri block of Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. Page nos. 103 – 114. Year: May 2020 Namya Press, 213, Vardhan House,7/28 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi.ISBN No. 978-93-90124-60-2
(xxvi) Problems of urbanization in Siliguri Town. Page nos. 41-44. Year: January 2020 Levant Books, 27C Creek Row, Kolkata 700014 ISBN No. 978-93-88069-43-4
(xxvii) Causes and consequences of educated unemployment in India. Page nos.141-147, Year: July 2020 Namya Press, 213, Vardhan House,7/28 Ansari Road, Dariyaganje, New Delhi ISBN No. 978-81- 947715-8-6
(xxviii) Spatial variation of Arsenic contamination in the groundwater of Malda district, West Bengal, India, Page nos. 59-72 Geography and Development ISBN No. 978-81-925799-4-8
(xxix) Assessment of the social impact of Arsenicosis through groundwater Arsenic poisoning in Malda district, Page nos. 221-236, Year: December 2022 Monitoring and managing multi-hazards, GIScience and Geo- environmental modelling, Springer ISBN No. 978-3-031-15377-8

Research project:
  • Undertaken a minor research project in science of 2 year duration entitled,“Impact of environmental degradation on the natural resources in Darjeeling hill area”, sanctioned by the University Grants Commission, Govt of India,Ref. No. PSW-094/10-11 (ERO), dt. 20 Oct. 2010.
Supervising Ph.D. since 2019
  • Name Of The Scholar – Ms. Debapriya Poddar (Thesis Awarded)
  • Title Of The Thesis- A Socio-economic Study On Arsenic Affected Inhabitants In Maldah District, West Bengal.
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