Maynaguri College

Sushil Mandal

Department of Philosophy
: SACT-I (NET Qualify)
Contact: 9832353577
Address for Correspondence: VILL-Boul Bari,Post-Boul bari,P/S-Maynaguri,Dist-Jlapaiguri,PIN-735302

Educational Qualification:

Name of the DegreeYear of PassingInstitutionPercentage of Marks
U. G2007Alipur Duar college51.88 %
P.G2006North Bengal University51.70 %
B. Ed2011Gourbanga University56.80 %

Specialization (if any): Vaisesika Philosophy
Areas of Interests: Indian Philosophy and Western Logic
Courses Taught: Indian and Western Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Critical Thinking, Western Logic
Previous Employment details (if any):
Nilkanta Paul high school
Academic Experiences
Conferences/Seminars/Workshops attended: Yes
. The internal Quality Assessment cell (IQAC). (Held on 11.09.2021)
02. National webinar on ‘Duty of Humankind in the present Day Crisis’ (04.09.2020)
03. National webinar on ‘Why you should Be Moral in this Pandemic Situation(14.09.2020)
04. National webinar (Under UGC Directive)on “Plurality of Gendered Experiences –Biases, stereotypes and rights: Issues and Challenges with special reference to Covid 19”(28/08/2020)
05. National webinar On’Neal Shakti Campus and Jal Shakti Gram SDGs for Natural Resoures during Covid -19and beyond ‘(25.08.2020)

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