Maynaguri College

Liplika Guha

Designation: SACT – I
Department of Political Science
Address for Correspondence: Aurobinda pally, Rabindra Nagar, Siliguri, Darjeeling

Educational Qualification:

Name of the DegreeYear of PassingInstitutionPercentage of Marks
M A 2015 IGNOU66.25%
M A2006NBU49.9%

Specialization (if any): Indian State and Society
Areas of Interests: Indian Constitution, Public Administration, Indian Political Thought, International Relation
Courses Taught: Western political thought, Indian Constitution, Internal Relation, political Theory, Feminism, political sociology.
Previous Employment details (if any): As a guest lecturer in Maynaguri college.

Academic Experiences

1. As a SACT in Maynaguri College on 10.09.2015 to till date.
2. As a guest lecturer in Maynaguri College on17.08. 2009 to 30.09.2015

Conferences/Seminars/Workshops attended

01. Two days National Level Seminar,on Role of Library in Local History Collection, organized by the department of Library Maynaguri college and CUDELSAA, on 13th and 14th January 2016.
02. Two days National Level Seminar, on Democracy and Good Governance: the Indian experience,, organized by the department of Political Science,Maynaguri college in collaboration with Primal Mitra Smriti Mahavidyalay, on 21st and 22nd November 2016.
03. Two days International National Seminar,on War in/And Texts: voices,Technicalities ,and thoughts , organized by the department of English,Rajganj University, on 7th and 8th December 2016.
04. One day National webinar, on Jal Shakti Campus and Jal Shakti Gram:SDGs for national Resources During Covid-19 and Beyond, organized by NSS and IQAC, Maynaguri college, in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE) on 25th August, 2020.
05. One day National webinar, on Plurality of Gendered Experiences-Biases, Stereotypes and Rights:Issues and challenges with special reference to Covid-19, organized by IQAC and Women cell, Maynaguri college, in collaboration wiith Darjeeling District Legal Aid Forum on 28th August, 2020.
06. One day National Webinar on Duty of Human kind in the Present day crisis : organized by the Department of Philosophy in Collaboration with IQAC, Manager college, on 4th September, 2020.
07. One day National Webinar on Access to a Library beyond its Four Walls:A Covid – 19 context, organized by the central Library in Collaboration with IQAC, Maynaguri college, on 12th September, 2020


01. Lipika Guha, Effect of Globalization on India’sSocio-EconomicDevelopment in Globalization and Development in India,edited by Krittibas Datta and Dr. Savita Mishra, Kunal Books, New Delhi; ISBN NO: 978-93-91908-54-6, 2022
02. Lipika Guha, Sahid Ahomed khan ar samproday o jatiotabad in Bharatio Rastrachinta, Edited by Krittibas Datta , Avenel Press,Bardhaman; ISBN NO:978-93-94744-26-4 , November,2023
03. Lipika Guha, Indian Constitution and Tribes in Tribal India Issues and challenges ,edited by Krittibas Datta and Dr. Mukta Goyal, Kunal Books, New Delhi; ISBN NO: 978-93-95651-08-0, 2022.
04. Lipika Guha ,Political Participation and Women Empowerment in Understanding Women Empowerment in India edited by Krittibas Datta , Kunal Books, New Delhi; ISBN NO: 978-93-95651-75-2, 2023.
05. Lipika Guha, Dalit and B. R. Ambedkar in The Dalit in Indian Society, edited by Krittibas Datta ,Dr.Mukta Goyal, Dr. Savita Mishra, Adi Publication; Jaipur, ISBN NO: 978-93-92586-48-4, 2024.

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